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Custom Costuming

Shawn Anthony

16 years of involvement in Rocky Horror. Have created costumes for fans and shadowcast performers across the United States and Britain. Trained and certified in stage costuming and theatre technology (lighting, etc). Particular interest in Frank N. Furter and Eddie. Costume work has won Best Frank at Midnight Insanity's Cirque Du Rockiel convention (Las Vegas 2005) and Best Rocky at The Un-Toucha-Touchables convention (Chicago 2006).

Kim Shafer

Any inquiries about costumes being professionally custom made for Rocky Horror, preshows, or any other costume inquiries, please feel free to email KIM SHAFER at

Kim's Credentials:
She is currently working for a Cruise Line for their theater shows. In the past she has done film, in which one film she was featured in Fangoria Magazine. Kim has also done work for bands such as The Misfits and Gwar.

Timeslip Clothing

Ruth Fink-Winter writes:
I've seen Saffron's work, and it is beautiful. (Sue Blane apparently thought so too at the Transylvania 99 convention.) She has a BA (Honors) in costume and worked in the costume department of the Birmingham Rep. Theatre, with the staff who made the costumes for the Silver Jubilee Tour. As of March 2003 she is working as a Costume Mistress on a BBC1 soap opera. She does costumes from the film and from the current UK tour. Costumes she made won best Frank and best Columbia (Show-accurate) at Transylvania 99, and best Magenta (maid's dress) and Space at the 25th Anniversary.

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