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Proposal Outline

An outline for use in making proposals to local theater owners to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Composed by Fan Club member Linda K. Tedford (1991)
Previously part of James Norman's Rocky Horror Sourcebook
Updated by RHPS Official Fan Club (2010)

I. Introduce yourself:
- "Hello, Mr./Ms. _______________, we are serious fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and we would like to talk to you about showing the movie at your theater."

II. Seek private quarters for discussion

III. Explain purpose for your visit:
- A. Give a brief background history on your involvement with RHPS
- B. Ensure responsibility for your cast

IV. What theater owner should expect:
- A. Display pre-assembled RHPS portfolio
- - 1. Show news clips, articles, advertisements re: RHPS
- - 2. Explain movie context
- - 3. Explain audience participation
- - 4. Show list of participant materials involved
- - - a. Assure theater owner materials to be used are at his/her discretion
- - - b. Assure him/her that rules set down by him/her will be strictly observed
- - - c. Assure theater owner materials will be cleaned up by cast after each performance
- - 5. Explain procedures in other theaters -- Give locations, dates and times
- - 6. Explain forthcoming 'live cast' (optional)

V. What's in it for theater owner (motivation):
- A. Profits from possible merchandising
- B. Increased ticket sales to theater, in general (also discuss regional ticket price)
- C. Increased concession sales

VI. Responsibilities/costs for theater owner:
- A. Movie rental
- B. Theater employees during late-night show
- C. Promotion of the show

VII. Offer to submit petitions, if theater owner is unsure:
- A. Place ad in nearest newspaper with largest distribution
- B. Open a PO Box to collect all letters, etc.
- C. Make copies to give theater owner, keep originals for future reference or utilization

VIII. Conclusion:
- "We hope you will consider us and regardless of the outcome, we sincerely thank you for taking the time to listen to us."

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