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Updated Nov 11 2010

Below are some answers to questions most frequently asked of the Fan Club. If you have a question not listed here, drop us a line using our e-mail form.

Q. ROCKY HORROR doesn't play in my town. How do I get a local theater to play it?

A. A theater is a business. You must show them that there is a demand for the picture. Start a campaign; write letters, make phone calls, and most important, get a petition going (there is strength in numbers). Do this in a mature way, show responsibility. Maybe you and your friends can meet with a theater owner or manager and discuss how you can help bring in business (form a cast, do local publicity, help with show and security). If you do get a sizeable petition, pass on a copy to us and we'll see what we can do. The Fan Club also has an outline for making your own proposal to approach theater owners.

Q. We want to have a one-time, public showing of ROCKY HORROR at our theater/school/club. How do we get the rights to show it?

A. Criterion Pictures USA handles the rights for RHPS and Shock Treatment on all "limited engagement" (meaning other than 35mm, regular basis) showings. Their licensing rates are constantly changing, so it's best to get a quote from them directly. You can reach them at:

Q. The print of ROCKY HORROR at our theater is in terrible condition. What can be done?

A. Speak with the owner or manager and if he can't or won't do anything about it, send a formal letter of complaint to us (stating problems, "skips," and condition) and we will pass it on to the appropriate people. We can't promise anything but we will try.

Q. The owner or manager of our theater doesn't treat our cast properly. Can the Fan Club do something about it?

A. Unfortunately, the Fan Club's job is to promote the movie and get information out to the fans. We are not allowed to get involved in the business of a theater. If you are having problems with a manager, there may not be much that you can do. Try to be nice -- act responsibly and appeal to his good side (if there is one).

Q. My school or club would like to do the play The Rocky Horror Show. How can I get the rights?

A. The rights to the stage play are available through Samuel French, Inc., New York, NY. They have their own website:


A. SHOCK TREATMENT was the unsuccessful 1981 follow-up to ROCKY HORROR, about the further adventures of Brad and Janet (now played by Cliff DeYoung and Jessica Harper). Richard O'Brien, Pat Quinn, Little Nell and Charles Gray all returned in new roles. SHOCK TREATMENT was written by Richard O'Brien and directed by Jim Sharman and is beloved by many ROCKY HORROR fans.

Q. How do I get the soundtrack or video of SHOCK TREATMENT?

A. The soundtrack to SHOCK TREATMENT has been released on CD, and are available in stores. Albums and cassettes are out of print and difficult to find. SHOCK TREATMENT on VHS was also out of print and difficult to find, but the film is now available on DVD.

Q. What Rocky Horror books and soundtracks are available?

A. The Rocky Horror Movie Novel (A&W Books), The Rocky Horror Magazine 1979 (Blake), and Creatures of the Night 1 are all out of print and almost impossible to get except from another collector. The same can be said for all the international editions of the soundtrack (except the "London Cast"). Try rare record stores. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Book by Bill Henkin (Dutton) is still in print -- order it from your bookstore.

Q. What is the difference between the US and UK versions of the movie?

A. The US version of the film omits the song "Superheroes", the UK version does not.

Q. What is "Superheroes?"

A. "Superheroes" is a song at the end of the film that Brad and Janet sing after the castle takes off. This song has been cut out of some prints of the movie around the country.

Q. Why was "Superheroes" eliminated from the video released in 1990?

A. In completing the stereo portion of the movie, certain deadlines were imposed and it wasn't possible from the production end to include "Superheroes." When the video was re-released at a lower price, it was decided not to include "Superheroes" because it wouldn't be fair to those who paid $89.95 for the original release. Thankfully, the DVD and Blu-ray releases correct this issue, by offering the option of viewing the film with or without the musical number.

Q. What is "Once In A While?"

A. "Once In A While" is a song that Brad sings in the play. The scene was filmed for the movie but was not included in the final print. A reconstruction of this scene is included as a special feature in the special edition LaserDisc (1995), VHS (1998), DVD (2000), and Blu-ray Disc (2010).

Q. Is there a Tim Curry Fan Club?

A. There was a Tim Curry Fan Club in the late 70's, but it disbanded. At present there is no fan club, and it appears that Tim is not interested in having one.

Q. We love ROCKY HORROR and we want to have our own chapter. How do we do this? Can we start our own?

A. Sal Piro has been running this Fan Club since 1977. That is a long-term commitment. We don't charter chapters because we have no guarantee of your dedication and since our Fan Club is free, we have no money to fund your chapter. As for starting your own -- all we can recommend is BE CAREFUL. It is a business. It costs money to run a club and if you charge dues you are getting into legal business matters. Note: Every time you collect someone's dues for the year, you are extending your commitment by one year. My suggestion is: to have get togethers, throw ROCKY HORROR parties, create your own fan website, produce a low-budget fanzine. Have fun, and keep the spirit of ROCKY alive.

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