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August 1996 Cast

Sins o' the Flesh

Los Angeles, CA

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Being the L.A. cast is a job we don't take too seriously. We don't rely much on props and our costumes may not be perfect, but we're all just a bit crazy (Grunt) and we have tons of energy. We always have a pre-show lined up for the audience and often pull a hapless (helpless? *grin*) virgin into parts of the movie (such as the bedroom scene *evil grin*). They ALWAYS cum away happy!

Sins o' the Flesh has been bringing fun and frivolity to the Los Angeles area since sometime around 1988. We have also delivered performances outside of our theatre in such events as The Sluggo Show on KROQ radio, the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, U.C.L.A. College, Cal State Northridge, West Hollywood Park. We took part in the Roxy and Pantages shows for the RHPS 20th Anniversary, as well as The Stephanie Miller Show, the new Audience Participation sound track on the RHPS laserdisc, the Fox TV broadcast, Austrian Cable TV, (the artist formerly known as) Prince's GlamSlam Club (with our friends and neighbors, Midnight Insanity!) and RHPS Day in LA with Richard O himself.

We may not be polished like a Vegas show, we may not have "gone Hollywood", but I've heard we're the kind of people you'd want to drink with!

"Always get in eight good hours a night...
and try to get some sleep, too."

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