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August 1997 Cast

Absolute Pleasure

Petaluma, CA

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Petaluma, CA, is known for a couple things. The city is known as "The Chicken Capital Of California" for the Foster Farms Company that has a plant here. It is also the birthplace of both Winona Ryder and Polly Klaas. But, recently, Petaluma has become known for something slightly different. On the Friday before Halloween 1996, a group of performers came together with one mission; to put on the most amazing show and to blow the minds of every single audience member. This is the cast of... ABSOLUTE PLEASURE.

Brought together from all over the Bay Area, we have all been drawn to The Phoenix Theatre to perform. Beginning with a week of auditions, the cast was started with a full line-up and the ability to put on a complete show from the start. Including many locals and even a few members of the theatre staff, our cast is a group that comes together to create a show like no one has ever seen before. There is Ian, our singing, vinyl and platform wearing MC. There is our Brad, Noah Manarich, who has amassed an amazing costume and the scary habit of knowing what we'll need for our next show and already having it in the trunk of his car. Our Columbias, Lacey Graham and Kate Kennedy, who have their costumes perfect and a performance to match. Our Transylvanians, from bells and green braids to princesses and mouse ears, showing off their creativity and dancing ability for everyone to see. Our technical crew who make sure that all of props meet up with their fellow actors and that there is light to see them. We all take great pride in the show that we put on for our audience.

Many members of our cast have performance experience that stretches past the world of Rocky Horror. Dionne Mitchell, our Cast Director, is a Theatre Arts Graduate from Sonoma State University with a degree in lighting design. While at Sonoma State, she co-designed the lights for the plays "Country Wife" and "The Sea", and acted, designed, and ran a spotlight for "The Deaf Theatre Mosaic". Richard Davidson will soon be a graduate from San Francisco State Film School, with a degree in screenwriting. He also, when performing with the cast of Indecent Exposure, was in charge of and also worked as a member of the props, lights, and security crews as the cast's Technical Director while performing as an actor. Noah Maranich has worked at The Renaisannce Pleasure Fair for many years. Erika Larson has worked as a costume designer on the film "13" by Abe Levy and will be attending Philadelphia's College Of Textiles And Science in the fall. Elizabeth Ball is studying to be a classical vocalist and has performed in many local plays, the most recent being "A Christmas Carol" at The Spreckles Theatre in Rohnert Park. As a trained ballerina, Amanda Sutton has performed all over the Bay Area.

We have not been around as long as many of the other casts, but we are already creating a rich history. Anyone who saw our "Circus Show" with virgins jumping through hoops to win a prize or saw Mark, one of our Franks, at our first "Rock-A-Hoola Luau" in his grass skirt and coconuts, has seen this cast grow quickly. One big moment was at the 22nd Anniversary Convention in Los Angeles, where Noah won the Brad costume competition (but won a prize that he already had.) With many cast members performing in the live show (Noah, Erica, Brad, Caitlin, Amanda, Jen, Roxanne, and Richard), we showed just a bit of the show that we put on on a regular basis.

With our first birthday coming up this Halloween, the cast is looking forward to being around for a very long time and putting on a show that will bring our audience back on a regular basis. If you want to find out more about our cast, then email Dionne Mitchell, Cast Director, or Richard Davidson, Trannie Director. We hope to see all of you at our show so that you can give yourself over to... ABSOLUTE PLEASURE!



Dionne Mitchell - Cast Director
Noah Marincich - Asst Cast Director, Brad, Dr Scott
Richard Davidson - Trannie Director, Webmaster, Trannie, Eddie, Dr. Scott, Crim
Debra Criss - Asst Trannie Director, Trannie, Magenta
Erika Larsen - Cast Coordinator, Riff-Raff, Janet
Ian Dubois - Theatre Liason, MC

Mark Brown - Frank-N-Furter
Elizabeth Ball - Janet
Brad Standley - Riff-Raff, Ralph Hapshatt, Trannie
Astra Kay - Magenta
Lacey Graham - Columbia
Kate Kennedy - Columbia, Candy Girl
Casey Snabel - Rocky
Caitlin Mattison - Rocky, Candy Girl
Adam Brown - Eddie
Mike Fernwood - Dr Scott, Crim
Keith Smith - Crim
Jennifer La Terza - Betty Munroe, Trannie
Alicia Charter - Trannie
Caitlin Crandall - Trannie, Crim, Dr. Scott
Rhiannon Flowers - Trannie
Roxanne Neditch - Trannie
Amanda Sutton - Trannie
Jenny Mount - Trannie, Candy Girl
Jeanette Hall - Trannie
Mikhail Haramati - Trannie, Janet
Brannon O'Sullivan - Trannie
Sheena Schoomover - Trannie
Dana Kreissman - Trannie

Dan Hartzenrader - Props Director
Courtney Callen - Props
Christina Anglin - Props
Nick Mastrup - Props

Brian May - Lights

Shannon Jordan - Security Director, Eddie
Eli Green - Security
Chris Hendersen - Security

Arnie Gehrke - Frank-N-Furter, Dr. Scott

Tom Gaffey - Theatre Manager
Aaron Sisemore - Projectionist
Curtis Mashi - Frank-N-Furter
Zana Anderlohr-Pearce - Magenta
Carmelo Poole - Riff Raff

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