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May 1998 Cast

Translucent Daydreams

Edison, NJ

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Translucent Daydreams of Edison, New Jersey has been around, in one form or another for roughly 13 years. The original cast was there from the early 80's until their drive-in theater was razed to make room for a shopping center. Then, in the shopping center, almost exactly where the old theater had been, a new one was built. RHPS was soon playing again, and a new cast was formed.

The Edison cast gets around. They perform only on Fridays, and spend Saturdays visiting other theaters and sometimes even performing with other casts. They have also attended a fair number of conventions, including the Albany cons, the 20th Anniversary, the Boston con and 1998 New York City Con. The cast has also performed in a few live shows in clubs and coffeehouses in New York and New Jersey.

Translucent Daydreams is a friendly cast and invites anyone in the area to drop by and say hello.

Translucent Daydreams Cast (Current as of 1997, with a countless number of transients!):

FRANK - Mike 5 (yes, that's a five!)
JANET - Beth Ann Blitch
BRAD - Charley
RIFF - Gordon
MAGENTA - Kristin
CRIM - Kristin

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