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November 1998 Cast

Excited Mental State

Toronto, Canada

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Rocky's Toronto existence began in the late 70's and early 80's when audience participation was at a high (as well as most of the audience attendance). Strangely with every show sold out and enthusiasm as high as those early days of the Eighth Street Playhouse, a functioning cast did not emerge until the early 80's in the form of "Erotic Nightmare". During that time their newsletter "Creatures of the Night" circulated T.O. and was distributed worldwide through the fan club. With the closing of Rocky's Toronto birthplace The Roxy, they had to look for a new home and found it in The Bloor Cinema located in Toronto's trendy Annex area. Erotic Nightmare attracted media attention in the form of live TV coverage and performances at local night clubs. The cast enjoyed their successful run until their disbanding in September of 1993. A majority of the cast line-up was changing along with different perspectives, therefore a new name was in order, and since the name "Bunchafuckingoofs" was taken, we start again. The name chosen - Excited Mental State. With the change of the name, the cast became a different institution and took a tailspin turn in a much different direction, emerging now was a sense of professionalism and dedication that exists to this day. The journey is much reminscent of Dorothy and Toto's determination to get to Oz on the yellow brick road... only without the witch!

Excited Mental State has spread their joy, talent and dedication to many cinemas in the Toronto and surrounding areas. From shows in suburbia hell to local bars, to the richest, most exclusive areas in the city, EMS has always attracted attention and interest with every performance. However, there's no place like home. The Bloor Cinema show's where every Friday night a full sized stage hiks players in full view, a spotlight shines, a closet full of props spill out everywhere and the management that backs this cast up 100%! Newcomers to the theater are officially welcomed and displayed for the entertainment of all those virgins who act like they have been here before with one lucky person receiving "The Secret Virgin" each week by our MC, washed-up child star, Sunny Thrasher... and those who receive it rarely forget.

EMS' current home in The Bloor Cinema, which could easily pass for a larger version of The Rocky Horror Show's original home in London, "The Theater Upstairs" being roughly the same era, complete with ugly carpets, torn seats and that old people smell. The cinema boasts with being the largest theater in Toronto, with its balconies and mezzanines and has a maximum capacity of 976... however Halloween of 1997 the total number of tickets sold for both shows was 2163. This was possible with the help of the fire marshall and a bottle of Tequila. The management always has a habit of overselling tickets to the point of having people sitting in the aisles, hanging off the balcony and standing in the lobby looking through the doorway.

The cast's now much requested newsletter, "They came from Denton High!!!", catered the to Toronto area and Rocky virgins and veterans alike. With such interesting articles like "Ask the Doctor" which served as as advice column by doctors Cosmo and Nation McKinley helping RH and ST characters in need, "Riff Raff's Ripe and Randy Recipes", a collection of recipes that the hunchback might have (such as Brad Majors Asshole Fudge Cookies), and our most puzzling submission came from our own "Hot" Wanda's "So-cool-it's-'Hot' Trivia".

The cast in its present stage is headed by Colin Auld and "Hot" Wanda MacRae. Their current goal is to ensure that everyone involved is dedicated, hard-working and serious about keeping the Rocky Horror traditions alive. Also, any e-mail to the cast can be sent to

The Cast:

Frank - James "Eraserhead" Ince
Janet - "Hot" Wanda MacRae
Riff - Colin "Mr.Blonde" Auld
Magenta - "Little Lindsay Big Hair" Lockyer
Columbia - "Eyelashes" Amy Taylor
Rocky - Trevor "Thundercock" Benham
Eddie - Adrian "Speedy Gunzales" Chagoya
Crim - Sunny "The Rhino" Thraser
Frank Alternate - Vennes (Marek Klakowicz)
Janet Alternate - Natalie "Manson Rules" Augruso
Rocky Alternate - Mike "Squiggly" Thorne

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