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August 1999 Cast

The Beautiful Creatures

Houston, TX

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The Beautiful Creatures cast was established on May 8th, 1999 at the River Oaks Theatre, who has been running RHPS since June of '92 with various casts. The theatre was built in 1939 and seats over 500 in a 4 aisle layout, with curtained alcoves to accommodate dramatic entrances and a traditional scalloped screen curtain that rises during the chant "Let there be lips!" The Beautiful Creatures cast aspires to be a traditional (anal retentive, if you will) show with special attention to costume and prop details. Most of the members in our show have a strong theatrical background, so we have arranged our cast as a theatrical production and abolished any political structure.

There is one cast director, Jef, a stage manager, Jenni, who is in charge of delegating crew duties, a costume designer, Mina, a lighting technician, Eric, and a technical director, Roxy, who helps us with blocking around all of our rapidly accumulating new props. The cast puts a tremendous amount of effort in promoting the show to return the large audience we know Houston is capable of. In addition to the stacks of fliers left in stores all over town, on Friday nights the cast members flier the city in full costume around the trendy nightspots. We also have corporate sponsors that give the cast discounts, in exchange for advertising in our cast newsletter. The cast newsletter is one of the cast's more successful ventures, and is for the audience and cast alike.

For more information on The Beautiful Creatures cast, visit us online at

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