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November 2000 Cast

Cards 4 Sorrow

Brisbane, Australia

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Cards 4 Sorrow - Cast Photo The idea of a RHPS cast is a new concept to most Australians. Explaining what Cards 4 Sorrow IS can be an ordeal for any cast member. In Australia, The Rocky Horror Show is more widely known with perhaps a small percentage having seen a performance by FUN IN THE DARK in Sydney. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to make our appearance something to remember. In the early 1990s, Brisbane hosted a season of midnight RHPS screenings with only a small, unrehearsed cast of enthusiasts. Cards 4 Sorrow aims to bridged the gap between the last 10 years of Rocky absence.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of RHPS, Cards 4 Sorrow were invited to attend a screening a Boggo Road Gaol as representatives from the fan club and audience participants. Instead, we put faith in the belief that our floorshow was of good quality and ended up performing 5 songs (Time Warp, Sweet Transvestite, Sword Of Damocles, Hot Patootie and Eddie's Teddy) from our repertoire. The audience were blown away. The unusual setting for such cast performance allowed creative entrances and a circular path to utilise the large space.

Cards 4 Sorrow, still in its early stages, made its official debut on October 20th at the Schonell Cinema. Already the cast has been offered to appear here, there, and everywhere with an appearance on a local television show taking place in coming weeks. Brisbane is destined for a long-awaited Rocky Horror revival.

The fans that showed an initial interest in joining the cast dramatically dropped off. I originally boasted at the fact that we had 30 Trannies, which has now decreased to 4. Quite a fair jump, but it helps determined those that are keen. With 12 now in the cast, we're happy to form such a tighter group and a "Rocky" family. There would be no cast without the enormous contributions of Emma Fletcher (choreographer) and our 3 costumiers.

Cards 4 Sorrow are hoping to perform once a month. In the meantime, they'll be busy with promotion and awaiting an appearance at a Frocky Horror Ball in April for the Endeavour Foundation. (The Endeavour Foundation is a charity in Australia committed to supporting people with intellectual disability. Beginning this year, the charity has started "Frocky Horror," a weekend market for cheap recycled clothing. Dancers are hired to perform "The Time Warp" etc.) Next April the Foundation is holding a "Frocky Horror Ball" which will include a guest appearance by the fan club/cast, Brad and Janet clothing modelled, Time Warp marathons, etc. Guests will dress up in Rocky theme and models will be hired to parade the clothing. Rather an unusual concept but should be heaps of fun.

Cast Director

Frank - Trevor Holland
Janet - Emma Fletcher
Brad - Adriaan Seevinck
Riff Raff - Kristian Fletcher
Magenta - Danielle Johnson
Columbia - Taryn Mail
Dr Scott - Simmone Snell
Rocky - Kevin Adnams
Eddie - Gavin Priest
Trixie - Emily Cooper
Trannies - Simmone Snell, Emily Cooper, Michelle Mulder, Mellissa Ryan

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