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Fall 2013 Cast

Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society

Detroit, MI

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Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society (MRHPS) is a new cast based in the Detroit area. Our first show was May 10th, 2013 and we've been performing monthly showings of Rocky Horror ever since. In celebration of our debut performance, Barry Bostwick gifted our producers with two handmade pendants reading "Asshole" and "Slut" to give to our original Brad and Janet. With Bostwick's blessing, the first performance was a smashing success. Despite MRHPS' relatively recent conception, performances are top-notch: audiences are shivering with anticipation for the next showing, thanks to the combined efforts and years of experience of the local Rocky Horror fanbase and community veterans.

Creating a regular shadowcast was an idea that longtime Rocky Horror fans Faith Duede and Rob Hubbard had been mulling over the past few years. They, along with their friend "Blasted" Bill Putt, run the website which lists upcoming showings and productions of Rocky Horror in the state. After trying to find more theaters in the state to show RHPS, Faith and Rob finally found a local theater manager willing to bring back the Rocky Horror Picture Show experience. Several phone calls and excited Facebook posts later, a cast was formed.

Rehearsals began at a dance studio in Ypsilanti, with cast and crew members from all over the state and one common goal: to put on a phenomenal production. Shortly after these early rehearsals, MRHPS was able to permanently move into its home and performing space: the historic State-Wayne Theater in Wayne, MI.

The State-Wayne has classic art-deco appeal and takes pride in recently having all of its screens converted to the best digital picture possible through new screens, projectors, DCP and 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Rocky Horror has never looked or sounded this good. The performance space seats 250 and features a spectacular glow-in-the-dark mural of a cartoon dragon named "Pete", an homage to the famous family musical film Pete's Dragon. This space also features a raised stage and a main-floor area that allows two simultaneous levels of performance space for cast, crew and props.

Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society is the only monthly/regular showing in the state. Showings are every second Saturday of the month at the State-Wayne Theatre. However, in celebration of Rockytober 2013, MRHPS will be shadowcasting The Rocky Horror Picture Show weekly this October. Performance dates are October 5, 12th ("Zombie" theme night!), 19th, 25th, and 26th. All showings begin at 11:30 pm. Tickets are $7.00 each and prop bags are $3.00 (hand-stuffed with all of the props and instructions you'll need).

MRHPS is always looking for new cast and crew members. "Like" and get in touch with us on Facebook!

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