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Winter 2016 Cast

Fishnets and Floorshows

Kansas City, MO

Fishnets and Floorshows is the Rocky Horror shadow cast for the Kansas City area. Formed in 2008 by Doug Marshall and Carrie Hawkins, FF ended a nearly decade long dry spell of Rocky for the region. Originally at the Screenland Crossroads, the Fishnets and Floorshows production moved to the Alamo Drafthouse in the Power and Light District of downtown KC in 2014. Fishnets and Floorshows performs t 10pm on the last Saturday of every month. Except December - ya gotta take a break now and then.

What makes us different?
Fishnets and Floorshows is not your typical RHPS experience. We do not press screen accuracy, instead opting for interpretation from the actors and looking for ways to make our experience unique. This may be blasphemy to Rocky purists, but it has worked for us over the years and helped us to build a big following.

Our Kansas City History
Kansas City has had a rich, if not at times complicated, history in Kansas City. This includes an infamous incident with an earlier cast and screening, in which a toaster was thrown THROUGH the screen during dinner scene. Thankfully FF has had no such problems.

Our Success and Growth
We have been fortunate to score almost exclusively sell-out audiences every single month. We saw nearly 5 great years at the Screenland Crossroads with an array of amazing cast members and crew. However in 2013 our original theater, Screenland Crossroads, closed due to lease issues. Thankfully Fishnets and Floorshows had built a strong following and had proved that Rocky was still thriving and worth a theater's time from a business aspect as well as pulling in people who might not normally come to a theater. It was after a run of successful Halloween screenings during the cast's hiatus that the Alamo realized how much of a following the cast had built. This set the scene for a major comeback and a new home for Fishnets and Floorshows. We are now in a bigger theater with more amenities for both cast and audience than we dreamed possible.

Our biggest shows are of course Halloween and our anniversary show in July. One anniversary show was booked the same night as a dinner gala in the event space of the theater for the Walt Disney organization "Thank You Walt." Their guest of honor was the voice of Goofy, legendary voice actor Bill Farmer. Curious about what was going on, he invaded the theater and took over our pre-show in Goofy voice- declaring us "The biggest bunch of weirdos I've ever seen." We nearly got him to paddle our cast members with birthdays.

Another of our joys was our Rocky Babies, a group of local Jr High students who dressed up and came to all of the shows. The entire cast took to looking out for "the babies" and loved having them and watching them grow up.

The Future
We have just celebrated our 7th anniversary in July 2015. It has been an amazing run so far, with new people constantly joining the cast of seasoned pros who have toughed it out and committed to creating the best experience possible. This is why we look forward to many more years of sensual daydreams and erotic nightmares for ALL!

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