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Fall 2017 Cast

The Kids of Albany

Albany, NY

The Kids of Albany were founded in 2010 when Mike Baker, who had been doing Rocky Horror for over 20 years across the country, asked Brett Glasser to help him form a cast with one goal in mind: to bring Upstate New York the most authentic and wild Rocky Horror experience imaginable. The Kids are proud to have some of the loudest and rowdiest followers a shadow-cast could ever ask for. As our reputation has grown, The Kids of Albany have focused on bringing Rocky Horror madness to the masses by expanding to as many areas in Upstate New York as possible, performing throughout the years at the Madison Theatre, the Cohoes Music Hall, the Glove Theatre, UAlbany Alt Prom, and at various SCARE-A-CON events in both New York and Massachusetts, where The Kids first met and did a photo shoot with lovable Asshole Barry Bostwick. The Kids of Albany also perform annually at the historic Palace Theatre in downtown Albany, New York to a crowd of 2000+ rowdy Rocky disciples. "There's nothing like performing in front of a couple thousand people...we are beyond lucky to live in a city that takes its Rocky Horror so know you had a good night of Rocky when the clean-up effort involves over a dozen people and the last piece of toilet paper isn't picked up until almost dawn," says Glasser.

"It has been a crazy seven years," Glasser notes. "We paid our dues in the beginning to make a name for ourselves, whether it was flash-mobbing at 1am to drunk people to promote an upcoming show or performing our hearts out to a theatre for only a dozen people. We just never stopped having fun; we knew we were doing it for the simple love of Rocky." Flash-mobs were essential promotion in the Kids' early years. "As a cast, we worked to perfect the dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." We would head into downtown Albany dressed head to toe in zombie garb, covered in blood and ready to boogie... whether it was in the street or inside a crowded bar, once "Thriller" started playing we would go to work and bust a move. With people gathered and fixated on the dancing zombies, cast members would pass out flyers to our upcoming show." The Kids are always trying to think outside the box when it comes to promoting Rocky Horror. "People are handed flyers all the time and most won't even glance at it which is why we use plastic bloody fingers... no one ignores it when someone hands them a bloody finger... they are going to read what's on there."

The Kids strive to make each show crazier than the last for the amusement of their loyal fans, and believe in making their shows accessible to as many people as possible. The cast works with local colleges to set up bus transportation to shows for their students who need a night to let loose. The Albany area has roughly 10 colleges, making it easy to target fresh virgins who may come from a city that didn't have live Rocky. Says Glasser, "We strive to spread the idea that no matter who you are, everyone is welcome at our shows, and everyone who walks through those doors can consider themselves a part of the KOA family. We really believe that this is the key to turning this 40 year-old tradition into a 400 year-old one."

If you get the chance, experience a one night stand with The Kids of Albany that you will never forget. The Kids perform every October at The Palace Theatre and every few months at the Madison Theatre and the Cohoes Music Hall. You can also catch The Kids annually in June and October at SCARE-A-CON where Kids of Albany Honorary Member Jason Lively (Rusty from National Lampoon's European Vacation/Night of the Creeps) never misses the chance to open the show for The Kids and warming the crowd up for some LIPS. Stay up to date with all the mayhem by following The Kids of Albany on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or by visiting

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