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Summer 2019 Cast

Latter Day Transvestites

Salt Lake City, UT

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been playing in the Salt Lake City area since the 1980s, or possibly earlier, at the Blue Mouse and is presently at the Tower Theatre. The Latter Day Transvestites, Salt Lake City's Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast, have been around in one form or another for over 20 years. Tucked away in a secret corner to avoid the Mormon Gestapo, who is hunting us like starving wolverines, we conduct our mission of spreading depravity, immorality, and whipped cream.

The cast started officially in 1995 as "The Little Cast of Horrors", and has survived personnel changes, personal disasters, and near prosecution by the local vice squad. In 1997 we changed our name to the Latter Day Transvestites to reflect our heritage and our personal fashion preferences. We look forward to continued debauchery, lechery and other words that end in "ery."

In 2010 we decided we wanted to expand our repertoire, establishing a more professional footing in the local theater industry. We founded Out of the Shadows Theater Group as a state non profit which handles all our bookings and events. OSTG embraces the alternative aspect of Salt Lake City's performing arts and cinema scene through shadowcasting well known and loved cult films like Repo, Hedwig and of course The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Latter Day Transvestites perform the RHPS annually the last two weekends of October (two shows per night) and on Halloween night at the Tower Theatre. We also do occasional (licensed!) bar shows, in addition to appearances at cons in the Salt Lake City valley such as the FanX SLC Comic Con; various charity functions; and Salt Lake City's Pride Parade. Our shadowcasts are known for their improvisations and witty call backs. Come join us as we take a step to the right into our version of reality.

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Enjoy this video, debuted at the Salt Lake Comic Con in 2015

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