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October 1995 Fan

Megan Harris Tabor

Updated May 2006

Megan Harris Tabor has been performing the part of 'Janet' since 1979. She first heard about the movie from a California friend, who described it as "a party". Not knowing what to expect, she saw the movie playing in Cleveland. The audience sat quietly, as for any normal film. None the less, she instantly fell in love with the film. The next week it opened in Kent, OH where she lived. For fun she decided to go dressed as a Transylvanian with Frank-like makeup, much like one would dress for a rock concert. After the show she met some others who were in 'semi-costume' too. One of them suggested that they ought to just get up and act out the parts live, along with the movie. Everyone was all for it! They immediately went down the block to the local Perkins Pancake House, sat around a table and chose parts. Megan decided to perform Janet because she seemed to identify with the part. That week they all went home and made costumes (from what they could remember!) The next week they became a "cast". Some months later they were all stunned to find a magazine article about the movie which showed photos of a cast performing in another city. They were not aware that people were performing this live anywhere else! For Megan, performing at Rocky Horror felt much like a real true phenomenon. The thought of this has always given her chills. She says that it all happened so innocently... sort of like one of those Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland musicals. You know the type... (Hey gang, let's put on a show!... My dad has a barn, etc...!) When performing the part of Janet, she tries to include every detail. She has also become a thrift shop maniac, searching for costume pieces and props even though she already has the item. She has numerous sets of the white barrettes, and an extensive collection of the correct white and black Janet shoes. She also sometimes performs Frank and is the same way with his details. She even owns two Columbia rings, and she doesn't even perform the part!

Over the years she has performed and headed most of the casts at the following theatres: 'Cinema One' in Kent, OH; 'The Huntridge' and the 'Mountain View Cinema' in Las Vegas, NV; the 'Montclair' in California; 'The Rialto' in South Pasadena; 'The Guild', 'The Parkway', and the 'Ken' in San Diego, CA, and now heads the cast of "Divine Decadence" at the 'Torrey Pines Cinema' in Las Vegas, NV.

She put on her first Rocky Horror convention in 1984. It was held in Beverly Hills, CA. under the name of "Rockycon". Over the years she has also held the 16th and the 18th (both two-day events) in Las Vegas, and also held Rockycon '95 again in Beverly Hills. Besides contests, and other events of the day, her conventions include live cast performances. She prides herself in letting all attending casts perform one to two numbers for their peers. Megan has always been impressed with the quality of these performances (they get better every year!). Each Rockycon has been unique and full of surprises. Sal Piro has always attended her conventions, making them even more special.

Rocky Horror has also opened up other avenues for her. She decided to study voice and theatre. She has performed in various musicals, and landed the part of Audrey in "Little Shop of Horrors." She also runs a production company where adults perform fairy tales for kids. She lives in Las Vegas with her wonderful husband Joe, and their nutty dog Mr. Parker.

Megan has most recently been involved with her cast in Las Vegas, had a voice in the 25th Anniversary Convention, and has been a good friend to visiting Rocky people from all over. Megan and Joe are still happily married and doing their best to carry on the Rocky Horror tradition in "Sin City."

Hoopla Megan!

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