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February 1996 Fan

Betty Thomas

Updated May 2006

Betty Thomas with Sal Piro and Barry Bostwick Although Betty Thomas is old enough to have seen THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW when it first came out (she was in college at the time), she didn't lose her virginity until January, 1991 at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania. Like many of the fans of the 90's, she was determined to catch up on 15 years of fun as soon as possible!

Total immersion was her solution. The AP album had a permanent home in her Walkman. She became a Fan Club Rep for Pittsburgh. She's attended RHPS in six states and Canada, including the mini-con in Washington, DC and the 20th in LA, experiences she describes as "two of the best days of my life."

Betty found her niche in ROCKY HORROR when she noticed that the fan club's Tim Curry biography hadn't been updated for a while, so she volunteered to work on it. This isn't a full-time job, but it's been a never-ending one - the bio gets updated every month or two, as Tim becomes involved in new projects, or Betty unearths works previously undiscovered by the ROCKY HORROR community. She answers letters from a number of Tim fans around the world, and is involved in the Curry Connection, an electronic mailing list started by fellow Curryholic Terry Conaway. She also prepared an extensive update and revision of Tim's biography on the Internet Movie Database.

Sadly, her husband doesn't get it, and a couple of years ago delivered an ultimatum: "ROCKY HORROR or me." It was a tough choice... so Betty's gone underground. She rarely gets to go to the theater any more, but she's still active in ROCKY HORROR every day thanks to e-mail and the alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror newsgroup. You can take the girl out of ROCKY but...

In the world, Betty's a Certified Public Accountant at the University of Pittsburgh. You can write to her at (until she gets fired for spending so much time e-mailing instead of working).

But Betty is still a devoted Rocky Horror "stalker": she still goes to the various Tim Curry websites, had attended Spamalot, and continues to pop up every now and then in e-mail and on website guestbooks. Behind her hubby's back, late at night (under dark storm clouds - heavy, black, and pendulous, no doubt), Betty is still one of the most devoted Rocky Horror fans at heart.

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