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September 1997 Fan

Alicia Wallace

The "QUAD" Princess!

Alicia Wallace is one of the true "hard-core" Rocky Horror Fans. The girl has done it all: live club shows, performs at conventions, does both multiple characters in RHPS and Shock Treatment, makes costumes, does Internet work for the Official Shock treatment Fan Club, is a semi-regular member of a couple of casts... Alicia gets around.

Her characters are: Riff Raff, Frank-n-Furter, and "Thelma, the 'Fro Transylvanian" in Rocky Horror, and in Shock Treatment she plays Francine, the Cheerleader. But her main character is Rocky.

How can a thin black girl play a muscle bound white man? VERY easily. Alicia prides herself (and justly so) on her Rocky costume: from boots to bra, her costume and performances are widely known as "one of the best."

Alicia has an extensive RHPS resume. While her heart is with her home cast (The Castle Transylvanians in Maryland) she is also a full fledged member of the New York City Rocky Horror cast, performs on a part-time basis with the Transducer Players (Located in Mt. Ephraim, NY) and was a part time member of the now defunct Delaware cast. She is also a full time member of The Shock Treatment Floorshow Cast.

Alicia's nickname, "The Quad Princess", was given to her as school by one of her professors after he noticed that she hung out in the "Quad" at school an awful lot. (Especially when she was late for class.)

Alicia is eighteen and has spent the last two full years performing Rocky not only on the East Coast but also all over the country at various conventions. She performed at the Wisconsin Con, the last Rocky Con in Las Vegas, and in California. Her next two convention gigs will be in New York Convention in April and the next Las Vegas con in September of 1998.

Alicia has a lot of other interests besides Rocky. She is a communications major, works at the local radio station (WCCN), she's like a demon on the internet, clubbing is up on her list of "cool stuff" as well as wrestling, Star Wars, and she enjoys music very much. (Especially Butthole Surfers, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Cure, and Nine Inch Nails.)

Among the things she dislikes are: guys who can't take no for an answer, human leeching ho' bags (if you have to ask, you are one) and people who are unfair when it comes to running their shows.

Quad is a gas. She loves Rocky, loves Shock Treatment, loves performing and loves her friends, and only occasionally has to bring out a can o' whoop ass in the Rocky scene, which is her favorite love of them all.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Alicia Francine Rocky Quad Princess Wallace! Hoopla Quad!

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