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October 1998 Fan

Paul Sutt & Kim Shafer

Paul & Kim are two long time Rocky Horror fans that met at Rocky Horror in early 1992. Kim had come to Rocky one night dressed as Columbia to the Allentown, PA show where Paul was the cast manager of "Sins of the Flesh" and he took immediate notice to her. Kim then joined the cast and that's where they first fell in love. Now they are a part of the NYC Cast as of the beginning of 1998.

At the age of 16, Paul started playing in Rocky and has now been involved with it for 13 years. Previous to joining the NYC cast, Paul ran the Allentown cast for 5 years and before that he played in Middlesex, NJ and the long lost Sommerville, NJ cast. Paul mostly enjoys playing Frank, but also enjoys playing Rocky, Riff, Brad and Eddie. On special occasions he has played Janet, Magenta and Columbia. He also came up with the idea for "90's Night" which is done at the New Year's show in Allentown. This is where everyone would dress as they think their characters would be dressed in the 1990's, and it went over as a HUGE success!

Kim started in Rocky in early 1992. She played in Allentown for 3 years and now she is also part of the NYC cast. Kim loves to play Columbia, but also plays Frank, Janet and Magenta. On certain occasions she has played Brad, Rocky and Riff. At the NYC convention, she became known for doing a rendition of Nell's "Beauty Queen" from the John Waters film "Alternative Miss World". Nell even complimented Kim on the costume! Kim is also the designer for the NYC Cast web page.

Paul and Kim are also into the horror film scene. Paul is an actor and special FX artist for film, TV and video. Kim is a costume designer for film. They were both featured in the July 1998 issue of Fangoria magazine for a film they worked on together.

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