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April 1999 Fan

Martin Fairgrieve

Well, first off my name is Martin Fairgrieve, and I'm 36 years old - I know, I know totally ancient but there it is! I'm a Nurse for a living - so don't expect sympathy (I get paid for mine!!!!).

It has been often documented and told of round many camp fires, that when I first saw "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" in 1977 I hated it. It's true - but it's one of those things that just gets under your skin and before you know it you're running round town in Fishies & Heels. If you want to know more about this go to "Dr. Scotts Extra Forks" web site and you can read the whole sorry tale!!!

I mainly play Eddie these days (I did very well at last years NYCcon - 1st Eddie - thanx Guys). Over the years I've played every character except... Columbia (do you have any idea how much the sequins would cost to go round my bulk! - and no I ain't goin' on a diet for that!!!). Janet is one of my other fave characters to play - I was inspired by a picture I once saw of SAL dressed as Janet and thought if he can do it so can I!!!

I've been to a few ROCKY cons over the years including "Transylvania '94" & "LA 20th". Two of my most treasured Items are:

A. The costume worn by MANNING REDWOOD as "Harry Weiss" in "SHOCK TREATMENT" (I've sent a picture of Kate our Columbia wearing it) obtained at "The Denton Convention" in 1986.

B. The other is the costume worn by Pat Quinn in the "DOCTOR WHO" story "Dragonfire", (I've sent a picture of Kate wearing it) this was obtained at an auction of BBC props & costumes in 1991.

This neatly leads me to my other passion the BBC Sci-Fi series "DOCTOR WHO". I am part of the organising committee of the MANOPTICON conventions, the biggest "Dr. Who" conventions of the '90s in the UK. I collect vintage Sci-Fi TV Shows on video, and I'm also the Chairman of the Local Hospital Radio station.

But I digress - Back to "ROCKY". I've followed the movie regularly since 1981 but due to the way it's shown here in the UK - only a few times a YEAR! (unless you live in London where it shows weekly) I've only seen the film on the big screen about 250 - 300 times (I lost count about 5 years ago!!!). I enjoy keeping up with the many friends around the world, that I have made in my convention going, but unfortunatly I am so busy I'm real bad at keeping up - (to Quad, Kim S., Paul, Jessica, Larry, Shinny, Ruth, Bill, Frank, Bob, and the many, many, more - a big sorry guys!!!).

With Emma Taylor, I am the other face of the two headed monster that runs "Dr. Scotts Extra Forks" Emma was fan of the month for FEB 1997. Basically I'm cast director and Em is Cinema liaison, this helps the group to get its bookings from far and wide - we perform all over the North of England and Scotland. But you can find out about that on our site!

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