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June 2000 Fan

Kim Browne

written by Dawn Hlavacek

I first attended a showing of RHPS, when my friend from South Carolina forced me to. I hated it at first. I didn't understand the show or its point AND I was de-virginized by the host (at that time Frank Cwiklik). The following week some friends had heard I went and forced me yet again to attend the show. But Ah-ha! This time I was ahead of the game, I knew what it was about, what was going to happen to those who were "virgins" and I got to be on the evil end of dishing it out! This time I had a GREAT time! Which is when I became hooked! I would wait for Friday to roll around so I could go to Rocky; I never wanted to miss a weekend, in case I missed something interesting. And it was exciting to see what the cast would come up with next. Soon my friends grew weary, so I began attending the shows alone, until I ran into an old friend from Jr. High, from which a 4-year relationship began.

I had always wanted to join the cast but I was too shy to make a move, so I made a bet with my friend (Tony) that if he joined I would too (I honestly didn't think he had the balls to join). In October he joined as part of the Tech crew, so I had to put my money where my mouth was, and got to work on a Columbia costume. I was always attracted to Columbia, because she is cute has these outrageous glittery costumes and gets to dance around like the groupie I've always wanted to be. In November 1996, once my costume was ready it was time to buck up and talk with Ron (cast director at the time), I was terrified (looking back now how could I EVER have been afraid of him?!?) and history was made. I auditioned, joined the cast and am happily tapping my feet at least 4 times a month with the rest of our happy little crew.

Rocky has really opened my eyes to a lot of new and exciting things. Prior to 1996, you would never think I would be caught in any of the many outfits Columbia changes into, let alone the Trixie outfits I have. But hey guys look at me now. I am currently one of the main Columbia's in the NYC cast and I have also played Janet, as well as Magenta. After the wonderful Ron and Hilary stepped down as cast directors, I was asked to handle casting for the shows each week. I am also the Official "Cast Bitch Blanket" (If ya got a problem yo I'll solve it - in the immortal words of Vanilla Ice!). I have performed at the NYC and EC200 Conventions, as well as the Planet Hollywood Rocky Horror special seen on VH-1 in 1997. I help make our cast's playbills, fliers, the upkeep of the NYC-Cast web site and all that good stuff.

I have met most of my closest friends through Rocky, they are my family whether I need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to go out and party with, these are the people I go to first. Rocky is my home away from home!

Other than Rocky I have no life! (kidding). I enjoy alcoholic beverages, and Starbucks coffee. I enjoy going out and having a good time and am always on the lookout for a god job (email me for my resume!) I love all types of music, Broadway show-tunes in particular. I dream that one day I may get onto the Broadway stage, other than that I am just a normal (?) everyday NYC gal!

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