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August 2007 Fan

Ray Mitchell

Ray and some virgins I first heard of Rocky Horror when one of my high school classmates entered my school's male pageant "Mr. Bronco". He performed "Dammit Janet" as a hermaphrodite, so I thought that the movie was about hermaphrodites from outer space. I was wrong. My friend Laura brought me to the show in Warwick, RI. I fell in love. I started to go every week.

Eventually, I joined the cast as a techie, until one day my director asked me if I knew the words to "Hot Patootie". When I said yes, she said "good, you're Eddie tonight". I had to learn blocking and lifts in about half an hour. I was scared outta my mind, but I made it through the show and was hooked on a completely new level. I eventually made it to cast director, and have since played every part in the film.

Ray as Frank-N-Furter I have had a modest drag career and enjoy doing other films as often as we can. We are currently trying to hold a drag competition once a year. We call it the Diva-Off, usually 6 boys picking celebs to impersonate and we let judges and the audience decide who wins. I came in second last year, but hey, that's why we do it yearly, to improve. I was impersonating Shirley Manson from the band Garbage. I loved singing "I'm Only Happy When it Rains" and I think I did "Stupid Girl", but now I can't remember.

Ray as Bert Schnick I have also been performing in Shock Treatment for many years now. I play the role of Bert Schnick. I love the idea of a blind voyeur. I just really enjoy being Bert. He is one of my favorite characters, ever. I someday plan to get a Bert tattoo, but I haven't found just the right pic yet. And Bill Brennan has called me one of the best Berts in the game. Coming from the creator of the Shocky Fan Club, I take that very seriously. I aim to be THE Bert, no offense, Bill. Oh and I have always wanted to go see Dame Edna in Schnickwear, so when she comes out I'll just yell "Hoopla Edna". That will be great.

I have performed at many conventions across the country. NYC was fun, but me and 3 friends drove from Rhode Island to Las Vegas, 52 hours straight the way there. That was hell, but when 100 screaming Rocky players took over Quark's bar in the Vegas Hilton that was a lotta fun. It was also fun when we were in NYC, and we got yelled at for nearly derailing the subway by doing the Time Warp in motion. Hahahahaha.

Ray as Hedwig My cast has also performed other films rather than Rocky and Shocky. We have done Evil Dead 2, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and Army of Darkness. Some of our cast has also been involved in productions of Clue and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. We have hopes to someday do Beetlejuice and maybe Hedwig. There has also been a lot of want to do The Princess Bride, but I'm not sure we could pull off the sword play.

Rocky means a lot to me. It's been the only constant source of happiness in my life since I've been involved. I can go there and let out all the stress and bad feelings. I can be who I want there, rather than who I am. I have meet many wonderful people through this show. It's taken me across the country and to many good times I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. I'm hoping to continue as long as I can. It's been 10 years, and still going.

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